Whether you own a single office or a group practice, Gentle Dental Partners can help you realize the equity value you’ve created in your practice. When you affiliate with Gentle Dental Partners, you get paid for that equity right away and share in the success of all Gentle Dental Partners practices in our network through new equity opportunities. But that is just the beginning. Continue to provide the exceptional clinical care your patients have come to expect while receiving business support and guidance to grow your successful practice to the next level. Enjoy strong new patient flow and get paid based on your production and the overall success of your practice. Gentle Dental Partners empowers dentists to achieve all this, and more, through our practice affiliation model.

Focus on Patient Care

Remember why you started practicing? You’ll be able to focus on your patients and dentistry. Our team will assume the administrative aspects of your practice. We take over the risks and hassles associated with running a business, freeing you up to do what you do best – take care of patients.

"Partnering with Gentle Dental Partners means I can focus my time on my patients. Having the business support makes all the difference”
- Dr. Michael Thomas
Abington Family Dental Care

Maintain Your Legacy

During the affiliation process, your staff will be retained and enjoy the full benefits of joining a leading DSO.  You’ve worked hard to build your practice. Now, turn your hard work into financial security and a solid future.

Clinical Autonomy

By joining our group, you won’t sacrifice your clinical autonomy. Gentle Dental Partners dentists enjoy complete clinical decision-making to provide excellent patient care and treatment. You gain a communal network of other experienced doctors and specialists to share best practices and collaborate at ongoing CE events.

Better Quality of Life

By allowing Gentle Dental Partners to handle administrative functions such as HR, IT, marketing, accounting, maintenance, regulatory compliance, and payor contracting, there will be fewer late nights and non-chairside hours. Enjoy free time while earning the same or more.
Benefit from increased patient flow driven by our well-established marketing programs. More patients means a more productive schedule and more earnings.

Transition Solutions for Your Business

Transition Solutions for Your Business

Find flexible and personal solutions for your business. The Gentle Dental Partners team will work with you to identify the right timing and solution to meet your vision, whether you choose to continue practicing or look to transition your practice.



Optimize Your Career Potential

Capture a unique opportunity to invest in a market-leading company poised for significant growth. Gentle Dental Partners doctors are set to realize tremendous equity growth and income potential. Join our team of talented, dedicated dental professionals.
  • Focus your time on treating patients, not on administrative tasks.
  • Treat more patients with continuous marketing campaigns to drive patient volume.
  • Raise your production levels and earn more through increased patient flow and collections.
  • Find your work/life balance without the burden of running a business.
  • Receive the complete benefit package that comes with joining a thriving, growing organization.
  • Continue your professional development with CE, in-house seminars, and sharing of best practices.
  • Enjoy the peer support and camaraderie of being part of the network of dentists in the Gentle Dental Partners organization.
  • Set and maintain the highest clinical standards and regulatory compliance with the support of our Clinical Management Team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with and supporting dentists for over 40 years, we’ve learned from our founders and
dentists the important topics doctors think about during the transition process. We’re here to provide guidance and support through the process and will work at your pace and comfort level. At Gentle Dental Partners our executive team is always here to answer any questions.

Can I continue to work if I sell my practice?
Yes, we want you to stay. Most of our doctors do, and earn more while working fewer non-chairside hours. Once the affiliation and integration is settled, specialists will be added to your practice if it makes sense. We’re here to provide support and work hand-in-hand to craft this next stage in your professional career.

Will you put a Gentle Dental sign on my building?
As part of Gentle Dental Partners, you can share in our strong regional brand that enjoys high brand awareness and drives substantial patient flow to the practices. We will assess the value of maintaining your local brand, the potential of demonstrating an affiliation with Gentle Dental Partners, or simply continuing with your brand alone. Not all of our practices are, or should be, Gentle Dental-branded, and we will make this important decision together. The goal is always to do what is right for your business and your patients.

Will the company interfere with clinical aspects of my practice?
No. All of our dentists maintain clinical control over patient care and treatment. We do expect each our dentists to follow the standard of care for the dental community, and the Clinical Management Team is here to help you stay abreast of new regulations, requirements, and techniques.

Can I still refer my patients to my preferred specialists?
Gentle Dental Partners has an outstanding group of specialists that work with our general dentists. We support each other to keep all dental procedures within the organization to the benefit of our doctors and our patients. It is always our goal to serve the patient in the best and most efficient way possible. In cases where you determine that in-house specialty services do not work for a specific patient, then that case will be referred elsewhere. You are in control of your patient’s care.

Why choose Gentle Dental Partners?
Simply put, we’ve been supporting dentists and dental practices for over 40 years. We’re headquartered in New England and have a keen sense of the dental industry and patient needs in this region. Throughout the affiliation process we keep it simple, flexible, transparent, and follow at the pace you’re most comfortable. The end result is a positive affiliation where you earn more, focus on patient care, and leave the business headaches to our experienced team.

Will my staff be retained?
Your staff will become part of the Gentle Dental Partners team and will be eligible for the full complement of benefits and opportunities offered by Gentle Dental Partners. From training to peer-support, our large and growing team of dental assistants, hygienists, practice managers, and administrative staff share ideas, receive ongoing training, and enjoy professional growth.

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